Hamilton County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 15865
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215-0865
Telephone:  (513) 956-7078

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All our positions are for unpaid member volunteers. We have no paid staff. If you are a member of HCGS and would like to become more active in our chapter, and do more for fellow members and others researching their ancestry, consider volunteering for one of our roles. Thanks for your interest and consideration! Unless specifically noted below, please contact Mark Steinke, HCGS Corresponding Secretary, at info@hcgsohio.org or by calling 513-956-7078.

Please also see the About HCGS page for listings of other vacant positions not specifically listed below.

Consider Joining the HCGS BOARD
Officer Openings for 2024 - 2026
Hamilton County Genealogical Society will be holding elections for officers and directors this Spring. There are two positions open that we need to fill. If you reside in the area and are interested in contributing your time and energy to supporting and growing our society, we hope you willl consider one of these important positions on the HCGS Board of Directors. The term is for two years.
Corresponding Secretary
The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for communications to and from HCGS, through both postal mail and email. Among other duties, this officer picks up the mail weekly at the US Post Office in Lockland, opens and logs all mail and payments, distributes documents to other board members, and acknowledges questions and donations. The Corresponding Secretary must be responsible, efficient, detail oriented, trustworthy, proficient in creating and updating spreadsheets, and have good communication skills.
Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary makes an accurate record of all meetings of the Board ("the minutes") and shall make them available to all Board Members.  Sends the minutes of the Board meeting to the Board prior to the next meeting.  Additionally, as required, signs with the President, all contracts and documents authorized by the Chapter.  The Treasurer will also sign if finances are involved. And, in the absence of the President or Vice President, calls the meeting to order and presides until the immediate election of a chair pro-tem. Arranges for storage of recording secretary’s records.  
Both of the above roles are critical to our continued success and smooth operation as a society. Please consider volunteering your time. Contact HCGS at info@hcgsohio.org to learn more about serving the members of HCGS through one of these open officer positions.
Marketing Director
If you are interested in finding out more about the Marketing Director role, please contact Kenny Burck at president@hcgsohio.org.

The Tracer
We encourage article submissions on topics concerning Hamilton County, Ohio, genealogy and history to The Tracer. Articles should inform readers about research in genealogical records, databases, or repositories of local interest or discuss historical events that impacted the lives of our Hamilton County ancestors.
If you are interested in submitting an original article, please send a query to Eileen Muccino, HCGS Tracer Editor, at tracer@hcgsohio.org with the topic and how the article will inform readers about Hamilton County genealogy or history.
HCGS is always in need of people willing to index records such as deeds, wills, or veterans' records, among others. This work usually can be done in your own home. Please contact Mark Steinke, HCGS Corresponding Secretary, at info@hcgsohio.org.