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New and renewing members in the USA that use our Online/Paypal Membership Form may purchase a copy of A Guide to Genealogical Resources in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, 9th Edition (2022). The new Guide has updated information on nearly every page. You can choose from several formats. The digital and paper package is the best value, can be easily searched, and allows clicking on links. NOTE: You can legally purchase and download one (1) copy of the Hamilton County Guide 9th Edition in digital PDF format for your own personal use.
You can use either one of the following two methods:
  • Use our Online/PayPal Membership Form to submit your membership form electronically and pay instantly via PayPal.  You can use a credit card with PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account.  This is the fastest way to submit your membership form and payment.  If you are a new member please allow 48 hours to receive your Login and Password in an email.
  • Print out the Membership Application form, fill it in manually, and submit it along with your dues payment to the following address, or you can save the Membership Application form to your computer or mobile device, open the form from there and type in the info, save it again for your own copy, and then print and submit along with your dues payment to the address below. 
Hamilton County Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 15865
Cincinnati, OH 45215-0865
Benefits Exclusive to Membership
  • Receive or view The Tracer, the HCGS award-winning (2019 and 2021 National Genealogical Society Newsletter Competition) quarterly journal, with information on Hamilton County records, repositories, and resources. 
  • Members-only email notifications of the publication of new Tracer and Gazette issues, new print publications, new research databases, special events and programs, such as webinars, and website and membership changes.
  • Access indexes of Hamilton County Wills, 1918-1973, and over 300,000 Hamilton County Marriages and Death Notices.
  • Access images of 25,000 Weil Funeral Home records, 1913-2015.
  • Access index of over 26,000 death records reported in Der Christliche Apologete, 1839-1899.
  • Access index of over 25,000 Hamilton County Church Deaths recorded in the 1890s.
  • Access HCGS videos not available to the general public. These include training and informational sessions prepared and delivered by HCGS experts. 
  • Access 22 “Research From Home” articles on various local research and membership topics.
  • Qualify to apply to HCGS Lineage Societies: First Families (before 1821), Settlers and Builders (1821-1860), Century Families (1861 to 100 years ago) and Civil War Soldiers. (Refer to the Lineage Society Pamphlet).  Separate application fee required.
  • Post Hamilton County Surnames in your membership profile and communicate with other members who share surname interests.
  • Receive a 50% discount on HCGS research services.
  • Member Discount Program: A 20 percent discount for members only on all Hamilton County Genealogical Society publications for sale here in our online store, including books, PDFs, and CD/DVDs. In order for the member discount to be applied to your purchase you must first log into the Members Area, then go to the Shop & Support store. For more details see the July 2022 Gazette newsletter.
All these benefits are yours with an annual calendar year REGULAR Membership or a LIFE Membership. All members can view online and download The Tracer in PDF format via the Members Area of our website.  The printed and mailed Tracer also comes with a Life Membership and is available (at an added cost) with a Regular Membership (see table below).
Membership Plans and Dues
(Subject to change without prior notification)
All membership plans are for one or two adults living at the same address.
Membership Plans
Access to All Members Only Resources
Receive Printed Copy of Tracer by USPS Mail
Access Tracer
Member Discounts in Online Store
Help Preserve Genealogical Records
REGULAR Membership without the Printed and Mailed Tracer
$20.00 per Calendar Year*
REGULAR Membership with the Printed and Mailed Tracer
$35.00 per Calendar Year*
LIFE Membership includes Printed and Mailed Tracer***
$400.00 Onetime Payment***
*The membership year is the calendar year, January 1-December 31.  Dues for the following calendar year are payable by January 1 and delinquent on February 1.  
If the membership application (new or renewal) is received prior to September 1, membership will be for the CURRENT calendar year (January 1 - December 31). If application is received after September 1, membership will be for the remainder of the current calendar year and the NEXT calendar year.
If choosing the Regular Membership plan with the printed and mailed Tracers prior to September 1, you will receive all current calendar year Tracers; if choosing this plan after September 1, you will only receive the printed and mailed Tracers from date of membership forward.  In addition, you will also have online access to all Tracers.  
If choosing the Regular Membership plan without the printed and mailed Tracers anytime during the calendar year, you have online access to all Tracers.
**Postage: add $16.00 for Canadian addresses and $30.00 for all other international addresses (Postage upcharge not applicable to Regular membership without the Printed and Mailed Tracer).
***Life Memberships (Tracer mailed to US address only, all Canadian and International Life Members, Tracer online only).  Life Member can opt-out of the mailed Tracer as Tracer is available online.

***Life Members are continued on the HCGS roll as memorials after their death. Life Membership revenues are held in an endowment fund. Fund use is not restricted and follows non-profit organization guidelines. Life Memberships help HCGS preserve genealogical information by offsetting the expenses associated with publishing indexes. These indexes are available for generations to come.

If you have questions about HCGS membership, email our Membership Director or use our web contact form.
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