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Articles in The Tracer – 1978-2023

For the benefit of the Hamilton County Genealogical Society's members, a genealogical bibliography of articles printed in the HCGS quarterly journal, The Tracer, has been created. 
For ease of use, the articles are grouped by categories. The actual title may be paraphrased for clarification. The words in the title have been rearranged in some cases to start with a significant keyword and sort alphabetically. 
To further classify the article, a "Type" column indicates if is a database, e-book, guide, history, how-to-do, images, index, list of names or publication. The time period of the content is given where known.
• The Tracer article index, 2008-2023
   The 2008-2023 index is available as a PDF.
• The Tracer article index, 1979-2008
   A separate index, for 1979-2008, is also available as a PDF.
If you would like to consider joining HCGS, which includes online access to all The Tracer issues since 2001, please see our Join and Renew page.
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