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Civil War Soldiers of Hamilton County

Civil War Soldiers of Hamilton County, Ohio is a Lineage Society that is open to direct descendants of Civil War soldiers or soldiers who were siblings of your direct ancestor. The soldier, either Union or Confederate, must have been born, lived, resided, died, or were buried in Hamilton County, Ohio, and served in the Civil War between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865. This Lineage Group is open also to direct descendants of select soldiers or siblings of select soldiers and civilians who participated in events unique to Hamilton County and Cincinnati, Ohio.
Civil War Soldiers was established in 2021 to honor all soldiers, Union and Confederate, and civilians of selected events unique to Hamilton County and Cincinnati, Ohio, that are part of our local history.
  • There is an all-name index for the Civil War Soldiers applications approved by the lineage committee. Search this index for any family names and it will show you the file number for the application containing that name. For example, once you have opened a file in the Google Chrome PDF viewer press Ctrl+F to open the search box.
Cincinnati History Library and Archives (CHLA) will eventually have all the approved applications on file. Finding aid lists will be developed from all the names within each application.

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